Lights, Camera, Reels: Unveiling the Results of The Premiere of Our 2022 Reel Challenge!
Hello, habari, friends! Get ready to witness the results of the premiere of our yearly Reel Challenge, an adventure that began last year (2022) and took the digital world by storm. Our mission was clear: we aimed to demonstrate that reels can serve as a powerful tool for growing your Instagram account. But more importantly, we wanted to prove that organic growth is not just a distant dream. And boy, did we succeed!

Picture this: starting from December 1 and counting down to the eagerly anticipated Christmas Eve, we took up the challenge of posting one captivating reel and a template on our page every single day. It was our very own Advent calendar, brimming with creativity and excitement. But here's where the magic truly unfolded—we called upon our amazing followers to join us in this thrilling journey. We invited them to share their lifestyle, travel, hotel, or Airbnb experiences, clips showcasing their local areas, tantalizing food and beverage highlights, or memorable attractions and events they've attended. The response was nothing short of extraordinary!

As the days went by, we found ourselves running out of our own footage, but that didn't dampen our spirits. We relied exclusively on the contributions from the participants of our challenge, and what a treasure trove of content they provided! We were transported to mesmerizing destinations like Tarangire National Park, the luxurious Grumeti Air in Tanzania, the serene Ngaresero Mountain Lodge, the vibrant energy of Yeyo Africa, the enchanting Lake Chala, the tranquil beauty of Lake Duluti Forest Reserve, and the cultural immersion at Osiligilai Maasai Lodge, just to name a few. Their clips breathed life into our challenge and showcased the diverse wonders of the world.

Now, let's talk about the astounding results we achieved. Brace yourselves! Between December 1 and December 24, 2022, our Instagram account witnessed an exponential growth spurt. Our reach soared to an impressive 11.1K accounts, marking an extraordinary 89.4% increase compared to the previous month. What's even more remarkable is that a staggering 90.8% of those accounts weren't our existing followers. Talk about reaching new horizons!

But wait, there's more! Our engagement soared to new heights, with a jaw-dropping 165% increase compared to the previous month, resulting in a total of 607 interactions. And when it comes to our reels, they took the Instagram world by storm. We witnessed a remarkable 259% boost in reel interactions, totaling an awe-inspiring 991 actions! We're talking about 932 likes that poured in, 13 enthusiastic comments, 18 saves for future inspiration, and 28 shares that spread the magic far and wide. *Cue applause!*
Among the treasure trove of reels we shared, one stood out as the absolute star: Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, posted on day 23. It mesmerized viewers with over 2K plays and 300 likes, stirring wanderlust in every heart. And the journey continued long after its premiere, garnering a whopping 11,136 plays, 745 likes, 2 comments, 29 shares, and 35 saves to this day. Serengeti truly stole the spotlight!

Now, let's dive into the invaluable lessons we learned from this exhilarating experience. Our 2022 Reel Challenge taught us that reels possess an incredible potential for expanding your Instagram presence. They can captivate new audiences, connecting you with people who may not have discovered you otherwise. It's an invitation to unleash your creativity, tell your unique story, and leave a lasting impact on your Instagram community. By participating in this year's challenge, you have the opportunity to be part of a vibrant and supportive network that embraces the power of reels.

But why should you join us? Well, aside from the undeniable fun and excitement, our yearly Reel Challenge offers a multitude of benefits. First and foremost, it's a chance to showcase your business, experiences, and passions to a wider audience. We believe in collaboration and mutual growth, which is why we'll work closely with you to transform your clips into captivating reels that will not only appear on our page but also grace your own feed. It's a win-win situation where both you and your followers get to enjoy the spotlight! ✨

Moreover, by participating in this challenge, you'll tap into the immense potential of organic growth. Our success story is proof that reaching new horizons and expanding your Instagram account without relying solely on paid promotions is not only possible but exhilarating. We're here to debunk the myth that genuine growth is out of reach. Together, we'll show the world that authenticity, creativity, and a little bit of reel magic can truly make a difference.

So, whether you're a lifestyle enthusiast, a passionate traveler, a hospitality aficionado, or simply someone who loves to capture the essence of your local area, we invite you to submit your clips and embark on this incredible journey with us. The time is now to make some noise, have some reel fun, and let your unique voice be heard.

Join our yearly Reel Challenge, and together, let's create a symphony of reels that will echo through the digital realm, captivating hearts, inspiring minds, and connecting souls. We can't wait to see what wonders await us this year!
January, 09 / 2023

Text author: AQ Studio Editorial Team
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