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We're thrilled you want to pitch a story for the AQ Journal. Please note that this is not a paid opportunity, but you can pitch stories for editorial consideration. Below are some subject areas that we're open for more pitches around.

For our Travel Dairies, we're open to hotel reviews, including long-form exclusive first looks at the most interesting openings around Africa, as well as snappier round-ups of much more under-the-radar, low-key places to stay – inns, B&Bs, villas, apartments, remote safaris, tiny family-owned guesthouses's – linked by location, or by a loose theme. Mostly places that aren't highly publicised.

For our City Guides, we're open to stories—be it news or openings, or a timely development or trend or cultural offering, that impacts how people experience that place. Please do not pitch a destination at large. In your pitch, you can share how your expertise helps tell this story; preference is given to writers based in the cities they're covering, or who spend a notable amount of time in the destination they're writing about.

We also welcome photo-led stories that guide readers, visually, through a destination—highlighting the local culture, food, people, design, events, nature, or otherwise, with brief one-line captions for each photo.

(Note: Please refrain from pitching a hotel or property outside Africa.)
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    Please pitch angles, hooks, and genuine stories not destinations or press releases.
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    Check if we've already covered the story and/or idea you have in mind. If so, why are you revisiting it? Is there a new angle?
  • 3

    Have other publications written about this angle? If so, how will your story be different?
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    Good existing photography is crucial, so please include links to websites of the places to be mentioned or screenshots of possible imagery for the people, places or ideas you are pitching.
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    Pitch a story about somewhere or something you know well, and have a unique angle and insight on. This is not about covering destinations simply because you want to visit them. You need to know the places intimately and it needs to be a story that is special and full of original detail that you, with a deep knowledge, can bring to it.
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    For new contributors, it is useful to also include a couple of links to previous published work and details of where you are based and what your areas of specialism are.
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    Disclose if your trip was sponsored in any way.
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Your pitch should be no longer than a paragraph or two, and include a suggested headline, your angle, your sources and/or characters, and why this story should be covered now. If you think there is a gap in our coverage, we'd love to hear suggestions to fill it; we are always open to new ideas, new style and new conversations.
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While we endeavour to reply to every pitch, if you do not hear back within two weeks, please feel free to take your pitch to another publication. Thank you for reading until the end, and we look forward to reading your pitches.
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