The Unforgettable Collaboration: Kika Good Hair Takes Louis Vuitton by Storm

Get ready to be dazzled by our extraordinary achievement! We orchestrated a mind-blowing influencer-led activation for the legendary Louis Vuitton, and our hearts are bursting with pride.

Allow us to introduce the one and only Kika Good Hair, an immensely sought-after influencer in the realms of luxury beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Let's dive into this captivating story:

Picture this: Kika gracefully walks into a Louis Vuitton store, on a quest to find the perfect pair of leggings. Naturally, she shares a captivating try-on haul on Snapchat, seeking feedback from her devoted followers. Little did she know, her influence was about to skyrocket.

In a mere two days, those leggings vanished from shelves worldwide, thanks in no small part to Kika's mesmerizing try-on haul. Talk about leaving an indelible mark! The store attendant even acknowledged her engagement as the catalyst for the sudden surge in demand.
But hold onto your seats, because the excitement doesn't end there! Kika received an exclusive invitation to the Louis Vuitton trunk show in London, where she effortlessly dazzled her audience with enchanting behind-the-scenes glimpses. Despite her combined Instagram and Snapchat following totaling a mere 260 thousand at the time, her live snaps reached an astounding 8.9 million viewers. That's like the entire population of London tuning in!

And the celebration continued to unfold online. Kika treated her adoring fans to an exclusive glimpse of her outfit and the unforgettable experience through a captivating Instagram post and a captivating blog post. Brace yourself for the numbers: Her posts reached an astonishing 93,436 individuals, eliciting 7,500 likes, 179 comments, and 285 saves.

Hold onto your hats—Kika's showcased outfit flew off the shelves in every Louis Vuitton store across London. We're bursting with pride for masterminding this epic collaboration between Kika Good Hair and Louis Vuitton, solidifying her status as a sales-driven influencer in the luxury industry.

When it comes to crafting exceptional campaigns and activations, we don't settle for mediocrity. Our unwavering commitment to delivering remarkable results for our esteemed clients is unrivaled. Get ready to have your mind blown!
NOVEMBER, 16 / 2020

Text author: AQ Studio Editorial Team
Photography: Kika Good Hair
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